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What is the Mood To Eat project about?

Mood to Eat, referred to as MTE,  is an online restaurant ordering system that works on all web enabled devices. It is both a website and an ordering system that thrived during the pandemic accommodating restaurants who did not have online ordering to serve their clients.

As a chamber of commerce you can put local restaurants on this platform that offers restaurants visibility, and offers the community special prices offered by restaurants promoting their favorite three dishes at discounted prices.

  • Free Advertisement for the restaurant, who are listed on the website.

  • No cost to the restaurant. They can post their top three favorite dishes, and they will be visible to all website guests.

  • MTE is not a Point of Sale system that requires additional hardware for the restaurant. It is a website and a Mobile application (2 in 1).

  • Virtual Venue Website: Each venue will have a mini website within the system that shows their menus and a little information about the food they are offering.

How does a restaurant know that an order was completed?

  • When a sale is completed, one or all of the following will be triggered

  • An email will be sent to restaurant with the order details

  • A text message will be sent to an admin phone

  • A print of the order will be printed on a network enabled printer

  • The tablet or PC in charge of checking the website will show a notification

  • A loud beep will sound from the phone / computer / tablet notifying staff that an order has been placed.

What Are the Chamber’s responsibilities?

  • Chamber is to promote the website as an additional free service to members

  • Chamber will make initial communication with clients / members to provide required details on paper or on the mood to eat website

  • Chamber staff will not be doing any data entry or account management.

Mood To Eat Responsibilities

  • Mood To Eat website will have automated fill in the blanks forms for restaurants to f.

  • All other other support or data entry issues will be handled by Mood To Eat Staff.

  • Mood to eat will take care of Restaurant’s data entry and restaurant menus in case the restaurant owner cannot do so.

  • Customer and technical support to Restaurant owners will be the Mood To Eat Responsibility.

Premium paid options / subscriptions for restaurants:

Mood To eat will charge extra for any of the below:

  • Extra dish to display on the menu other than the three main items that are posted for free. $10

  • Adding more than one cuisine type to a restaurant $5

  • Adding more than one dish category to a specific dish $5

  • Buying a sponsor banner that rotates on the top of the main Page $50/month

  • Restaurant Adding their Menu as PDF on Mood To Eat website $10

  • Sponsorship Type determines what to show when a client is browsing. Sponsored restaurants will have their menus displayed first when a client is seeking a specific menu or dish Taking professional photos for a specific dish

  • If the restaurant does not have a Stripe account for direct deposit, then a check will be mailed every month to the restaurant with a statement of account and sales less $5 for administration fees.

What is the Chambers’ share in all this?

The Chamber is providing Mood To Eat services as a free service to its members and restaurants in the area. Mood To eat is also providing the service and support free of charge to the restaurants and chamber.  The only income Mood To Eat gets out of this service is the convenience fees that are charged to the clients orders and the other add-on services described above.

Chamber will share a percentage of the convenience fees charged every month.

What is a convenience fee?

Convenience fee is a nominal fee charged to the client on checkout. The fee that can be a percentage or a fixed number added to the total client invoice and is paid by the client who made an order. Convenience fees usually range from $1 to $1.50.

How is Mood To Eat displaying search results?

Menus and search results are displayed in alphabetical order when a cuisine type is selected. In case  a specific dish is being searched the sort will be based on the dish with a lower price, and next to each dish we will display the restaurant that is offering it.

What is happening to the money collected from sales?

Mood To Eat uses stripe as a credit card payment processing platform. Stripe is a free to use system that  charges a commission of 3% and 30 cents to each successful transaction. Most restaurants have Stripe accounts installed. All sales money for a specific restaurant will be deposited instantly into the restaurant’s stripe account less the convenience fee.

End of month sales statements will be Automatically generated each month and the chamber administrator can view them by logging into the Mood To Eat control panel. Mood to Eat will provide the chamber with an online access to see restaurant  activity and commission statements.


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