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Things to Provide

Restaurant owner needs to share the following so we can assist in completing the restaurants' profile:

  • Register on the website as a restaurant owner (Click here.)

  • Upload the logo of the restaurant and a two lines brief description of what the restaurant is about

  • Tell us what cuisine type your restaurant is (Italian, Indian, Mediterranean, etc (Click to see some of the suggestions)

  • Provide us with pictures of your three favorite dishes you want to promote on the website

  • Tell us what each dish dietary needs qualification (kosher, gluten free, etc..)

  • What type of delivery options you provide (Pickup, delivery, or both) If you provide delivery let us know your delivery charges ?

  • What are the taxes on foods in your area ?

  • Do you want to charge convenience fees to your clients to assist in the credit card charges ?

  • Let us know if you have a stripe account for credit card clearing and processing, or prefer a check at the end of each month.

  • What are your operation hours (9:00am - 9:00pm)


Things To Provide Assist Form

You may be busy to complete all the steps above. If this is the case please fill as much as you can in the form and we will contact you to assist in filling any necessary missing information.

Restaurant Owner / Manager Name
Restaurant name & Phone
What type of menu do you offer (Italian, Asian, Fast Food, etc..)
Delivery options
What is the tax on food in your area
Offered Favorite Dishes
Favorite Dish #1 Name
Favorite Dish #1 Special Price
Favorite Dish #2 Name
Favorite Dish #2 Special Price
Favorite Dish #3 Name
Favorite Dish #3 Special Price
What is your credit card processing company (stripe / paypal, etc..)

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